The Olive Oil Jars


Features of the Accommodation:

Excellent for enjoying a period of relaxation away from the noise of the city.
The small terrace offers a 180-degree view of the untouched valley.
In the evening, you can experience the excitement of admiring the stars while listening to the music of frogs and cicadas.
The apartment is equipped with AC, WiFi, and a hairdryer.

Prezzi a partire da 80,00 euro a notte per 2 persone.
Each additional guest pays an extra 10.00 euros per night.
Children under 3 years old stay for free.

The apartment can accommodate up to 4 people and features a double bed (or two single beds) and a sofa bed for two. It consists of a kitchen with an induction stovetop, equipped with everything you may need to prepare meals, a bathroom with a shower, and a lovely terrace with a view of the valley and the beautiful Rocca di Perti. These rooms used to store the oil produced from our olive groves in the large terracotta jars that we still preserve.

Our activities

The Finalese area, considered the capital of outdoor activities, is an incredible place where, thanks to the mild climate, it is possible to engage in all kinds of outdoor sports practically year-round.

Relax amidst nature and enjoy the uninterrupted view of the pristine woods that meet the Pora stream in the valley below.
Climbing practically all year round on the area’s spectacular crags
(Fortress of Perti and more)
Take walks on foot and on horseback immersed in the typical “Mediterranean scrub”
Engage in mountain biking and enduro on the famous trails of Finale
In the evening, there is also the excitement of being able to admire the stars.

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