Our products

We take care of our olive trees
season after season.

In spring, we prune them to give the plants more breathing space in preparation for flowering, and we fertilise them to ensure a good harvest.

During the summer, we make sure to mow the grass that grows luxuriantly under our olive trees, promoting biodiversity as we do not use herbicides.

In autumn, we prepare for the long and strenuous task of harvesting, which continues into winter. We collect the olives tree by tree, spreading nets under the canopy and using a shaker to make the fruits fall.
At the end of the day, we gather the olives in ventilated baskets, remove the leaves, and arrange them in long wooden trays to preserve the quality of the product. We take the olives to the mill within 48 hours of harvesting.

The obtained oil is then decanted in stainless steel drums and subsequently bottled. This process allows us to obtain a superior quality product, rich in polyphenols, which ensures excellent organoleptic qualities. If you happen to visit during the harvest season, it will be our pleasure to take you to the fields to experience the harvest firsthand.

Our passion for bees

has driven us to set up a small apiary near our home, which, in good years, rewards us for our efforts by producing excellent honey.

In our locally produced honey, you’ll find all the scents and flavours of this land. The first harvest that our tireless worker bees bring to the beehive is the light and transparent acacia honey. It is then followed by a summer wildflower honey where the bitterness of chestnut blends with the sweetness of linden and other varieties that bloom in the area. When the season allows, we also collect honeydew, an amazing product rich in minerals and vitamins. If you like, we are available to take you on a visit to the apiary.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Our guests have access to fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.
We grow the vegetables in the garden near our house, where you can directly pick the produce from the field. For the past couple of years, we have also established an orchard with around fifty trees. As soon as they bear fruit, you will find them fresh for breakfast or transformed into juices and jams.

Ornamental Foliage Greens

In our lands, we also cultivate three varieties of eucalyptus, which we sell as ornamental foliage for floral arrangements.